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Submitted on
January 11, 2012
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She conceals herself in shadows
Just to escape the sunlight.
She's hidden indoors for years
To avoid its wrath
Upon her fragile skin.

She's become cold
Without facing her
"Demon in the Sky".
She's loathed every family trip
Because the sun tries to
Reconnect with her.
Her blood boils at the idea
Of being its friend again,
But her warmth does not return.

One gray, cloudy day,
The sun catches her by surprise.
She left her cloak at home
And did not bother with long sleeves.
The sun kissed her cheek gently,
Staying partially hidden by the clouds.

She stopped running.
Warm tingles spread throughout
Her chilled limbs...
A small smile spread across
Her face, and grew strong.

No matter how unfavorable the weather seems, one misses how it feels once in a while.
Never forget: even if you slip often, rain can be calming. Even if you burn easily, sunlight can be gentle.
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